Why the Maze? Art + Science

Notice the photo in the “Create” section of our new website? It’s the Decision Insight team peeking – through raindrops and hazy glass – back out at you! A few clients and others have asked about the photo – so, we thought we’d share.

It all started with one word: Create.

Perhaps Create is not a word usually associated with research firms. But we felt strongly that Create was one of four important concepts that precisely fit the Decision Insight of today.

How to visually depict “Create” in just one photograph?

An early morning bicycle ride through the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art sculpture park provided the “a-ha” moment: It was the “Glass Labyrinth.”

The sculpture captured our collective imagination as the perfect setting for a photo with our team. The photo represents the “art and science” of what we do here at DI. The twists and turns are a metaphor for negotiating the uncertainties of the consumer marketplace. All the angles within provide a different point of view, like our group of analysts, strategists, support team, leaders, and researchers.

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