Overheard at Shopper Insights

Great stories shared at the Shopper Insights conference! We heard many interesting insights during sessions and networking events. We thought we’d pass along a few:

“It will be difficult to compete with Private Label on formulation alone but manufacturers can succeed by innovating to create new conveniences and occasion-based differentiation.”  Vik Sarma, Director of Global Insights from Clorox

“Horizontal layout is optimal if you want people to appreciate variety, such as flavors; Vertical is better when the goal is to choose just one product, such as price or size.”  –Barbara Kahn, Professor of Marketing at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“eCommerce sales are a small share of overall sales but high growth, especially among Millennials” – Ravi Dhar, Professor of Management & Marketing at Yale

“57% of what Amazon sells is not available anywhere else”Robin Hafitz, CEO of Open Mind Strategy

 Cathy & Leslie