DiningIQ Tests Strategies for All Types of Restaurants, Including Online Ordering

Traditionally, when restaurants test new menu items or variations, they depend on attitudinal measures, such as: “How appealing is the menu?” Or, “What is the impact on intent to visit in the future?” But these measures lack real-world context. Since diners are not making trade-offs in the context of a full menu, that testing does not provide the behavioral measures of impact on overall product mix and average ticket price.

Realizing how critical it is for restaurateurs to understand how alternative menu strategies impact the total guest order, Decision Insight developed our proprietary online virtual menu ordering to power our DiningIQ research solutions. Our virtual menus are always tested in the context of a full and realistic menu ordering experience that replicates actual behavior in the restaurant.

Testing within this context leads to rich output measures, including:

  • Menu Item Reach (% of consumers who order each item)
  • Product Mix (share of items across menu)
  • Average Ticket Price

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DiningIQ Solutions

DiningIQ is our proprietary suite of virtual restaurant research solutions. During DI’s 30+ years of restaurant research, we have seen a multitude of factors that affect how and what customers order. Ultimately that impact is manifested in product mix (proportion of orders across menu items) and average ticket price.

Best-In-Class Research

There are three primary strategies to growing sales in the restaurant world: 1) Attracting new customers, 2) Enticing current customers to visit more often and 3) Motivating current customers to spend more during each visit.

Cost Effective

DiningIQ menu-order exercise provides measurement for all three strategies – including the behavioral output needed to gauge the effectiveness of each solution on average ticket price.

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