CatMan 2.0: The Evolution of Category Management

Under the direction of Gordon Wade, one of the founders of the CatMan 1.0 discipline, the Category Management Association (CMA) is leading an ambitious new initiative, CatMan 2.0. This new initiative seeks to modify category management disciplines based on major changes in the industry over the 20+ years since the initial process was founded, including new Data Sources, new Retail Formats and the importance of Shopper Insights and the Shopping Experience.

The CMA, collaborating with a blue ribbon group of manufacturers, retailers, marketing agencies and solution providers, has sought to help assemble the most advanced state of the art solution in every aspect of category management. Decision Insight is honored to be involved in the process as a content contributor and sponsor, playing an important role in “leading the deployment of what is essentially an upgraded, more sophisticated ‘language’ with which trading partners communicate,” according to Wade. “The changes in data and analytics affect virtually every step in the process and DI was an essential thought leader, bringing insight into the power of technology-enabled consumer decision trees and omnichannel communications.”

Category Management is one of the most successful business processes developed in the 20th century – used in one form or another globally by most manufacturers and retailers representing a variety of trade classes within the industry. The landscape has changed dramatically since the discipline was originally developed in the early 1990s (CatMan 1.0) by the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) committee.

We’ll share more after CatMan 2.0 is formally launched later this Spring.