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The ability to proactively influence consumers
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Decision Insight’s shopper-driven research solutions predict market performance with confidence. Our virtual platform tests both in-store and eCommerce environments to measure the impact of new category and brand solutions.

We turn test data into insights, intelligence, and real world activation for top CPGs, manufacturers and retail brands. Traditional retail to digital retail, no one understands today’s shopper like Decision Insight.

President Cathy Allin, “It’s the art and science of research that we apply in the market and the evolving shopper world.”

Category Management

Category Leaders trust Decision Insight’s expertise to optimize for in-store, eCommerce, and along the path to purchase.

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Brand Insights

Discover marketplace opportunities with package testing, digital asset optimization, line extension exploration and more.

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Food Service

DiningIQTM is Decision Insight’s suite of virtual restaurant research solutions to optimize both in-person and online ordering.

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Decision Trees

Consumer or Shopper Decision Trees?

Call a Decision Tree What You Want, but Shoppers Don’t Shop Trees

Retail Meets Digital

Digital Era 4 Ps are Course Changers

How do basic shopper and category strategies translate to the eCommerce environment?

Industry Focus

Online Menu Testing

If your UX testing doesn’t predict buying behavior you risk a great experience that doesn’t lift sales!

How We Work

Four Foundational Tenets

Discover, Create, Validate, and Activate: Successful journeys begin with clearly defined destinations…


Based on the results from this virtual shopping test, we updated the set in an in-store test which quickly sealed the deal… In-market results confirmed virtual test results that the Shopper Segment layout increases shoppability, builds bigger baskets, and grows sales.

Director of Consumer Strategy & Insights

In the virtual shopping tests conducted by Decision Insight, results aligned beautifully with in-store sales after the solutions were implemented at retail. We are very confident in their work.

Consumer & Shopper Insights

Decision Insight’s methodology was excellent and the team delivered as promised. Two phases of research led to a dozen recommended spice aisle solutions with varying assortment, arrangement, and merchandising that will drive increased category performance and shopper satisfaction.

Consumer & Customer Insights

Decision Insight enabled us to have a rapid, reliable, and risk-free system that delivered predictive sales performance of shelving strategies before going to market. They delivered rich diagnostics on visibility, awareness, and shoppability in a highly cost- and time-efficient manner.

Director of Insights & Analytics


Our use of technology differentiates us, but it’s not what defines us. It’s our research, the art and science of when research excels, that we apply in the market and the evolving shopper world.

Think about yourself and your shopping experiences. When you go into a store the context is very different from shopping online. The assortment and the selection you are exposed to in a physical store is limited by physical constraints. Digital has no physical constraint.

We understand that a shopper has those different experiences and it’s our job to help you understand what to do when they are in those environments – and what is it that we need to do to optimize for you when the shopper is in one environment or another.

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