Webinars, Papers, and Articles

White Paper: Research Solutions for eCommerce Category Leadership

We leverage the key elements within each phase of the CatMan/ECL 5D Process to generate ROI for both retailer and manufacturer. This White Paper outlines how we can help you get started on the road to success in all 5D steps.

Using our proprietary Test and Learn Digital.IQ™ research platform to drive data-informed strategic direction with market-proven shopper research allows companies to thrive in the eCommerce marketplace.

Webinar: Adapting CatMan Principles to the Digital Channel, presented by Craig Hodnett

The Category Management Process is different online, where the physical restrictions of the store are removed and shoppers have a different set of priorities. Category and Shopper Strategies – such as CDTs, Merchandising, and Packaging – need to be customized for the eCommerce channel. This presentation addresses adaptations for principles that move the needle differently in eCommerce, including examples from research Decision Insight has conducted in these areas.

Webinar: How Bel Brands Reimagined the Snack Occasion for eCommerce

Bel Brands will shares how they embraced the advantages of the digital channel by reframing the Snacking occasion. In the store, snack products are limited to the physical location of their “category,” i.e., dairy, center store, frozen, etc. By testing new promotional solutions in a virtual eCommerce environment, Bel was able to develop best practices to grow sales and shopper satisfaction without using the Price lever. Presentation by Darlene Ampe of Bel Brands and Craig Hodnett of Decision Insight from the 2018 CMA Annual Conference.

Article: Johnson & Johnson Makes Shopping Better for Moms

Alex Sodek, our Chief Research Officer, is quoted in an article published in Hub magazine how J&J effectively used both our quantitative and qualitative findings to make better merchandising decisions in the Pediatric OTC aisle.