mobileIn Case You Missed It: Category Management Webinar

Category Management Association Webinar – The 2.0 Retail Landscape

Cathy Allin and Craig Hodnett presented Helping Your Retailer Capture the OmniShopper: Understanding Where & How They Want to Shop in a webinar produced by the Category Management Association on October 13th.

The presentation included examples of breakthrough retail solutions to revolutionize the OmniShopper experience in a shopper-centric way, including:

  • Virtual Conjoint™ — Identifying guiding principles from a massive amount of ideas
  • Shopper Decision Trees — Reinventing categories for the future
  • Digital.IQ™ — Testing OmniShopper-centric solutions in the eCommerce space

If you are interested in learning more now or receiving a copy of the presentation, please email or call 816-437-9852.