Distance Analysis

How do Consumers Perceive the Category?

Based on hierarchical clustering and cluster analysis, Decision Insight created Distance Analysis to illustrate the spatial relationships among products within a category. By converting raw data derived from an aisle builder or sorting exercise into measures of similarity and proximity, we can understand how consumers divide products within the category and what products should be adjacent to each other.

From this exercise, a visual depiction of the consumers’ perception of the category is created. The output includes a dendogram (a tree diagram) that provides a clear delineation between the product groups, and also aisle maps providing recommendations for arrangement of the overall aisle – as well as arrangement within subcategories.

Distance Analysis is a critical part of study design when research objectives include:

  • How do shoppers define and segment the category?
  • Do shoppers arrange products by brand or by type?
  • What sub-categories should be adjacent to one another on the aisle?
  • How do shoppers segment the brands within the category?

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