Big Data and Persona Marketing …connecting the dots from macro- to micro-level

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A leader in the Health & Wellness category needed an innovative way to grow sales within their current customer base and extend their reach to promote healthy living initiatives to new consumer groups. With the ultimate goal of helping this client  better target new customers and retain existing customers, Decision Insight  created a process to understand who their best customers are, and just as  important, what motivates them. This process ties big data with custom research. Connecting the dots between big  data and custom research led to the development of a persona marketing strategy  driven by fact-based profiles for best customers and impactful, tailored  messaging and promotions.


Big Data: Who Are the Best Customers?

In this proprietary approach, we begin with an in-depth analysis of the current customer base, merging it with big data to identify profiles for each key customer type. The profiles are based on information such as life stage, income, and property ownership. Most market segmentation is based on psychographics, which are difficult to translate. Our approach goes a step further by including behavior. We discover: Where do they shop? What media (e.g., TV, print, social) do they consume? How much money do they spend?

Custom Research: What Motivates the Best Customers?

Once the key Health & Wellness segments were identified, custom research determined the wants and needs for each group such as: What features and benefits do customers want in their health & wellness products? What price do they expect to pay? Are there unmet needs for new products or educational resources?

Persona Marketing: Connecting the Dots for a Breakthrough Strategy

This process of identifying target segments and uncovering new opportunities resulted in a breakthrough revelation: In this case, the client should focus on Affluent Baby Boomers now, and Millennials later. The segmentation led to an actionable result — clear-cut “personas” were created based on lifestyles, health habits, and actual consumer behavior. Unique stories developed for each persona were used in targeted marketing efforts to these key segments. Messaging, ad spend, and media placement were also customized for each group.

The result: A growing customer base and increased sales, along with greater impact in achieving healthy living initiatives within these groups.